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The light blue, long-fibered " Dust" holds fluff and dust particles as well as animal hair through statical charge. It is therefore specifically well suited for asthmatics and those allergic to dust. Used on all smooth surfaces, the fiber may at times replace the vacuum cleaner. It may also be used for the fur care of animals. › Due to its static properties, the "Dust" should not be used on electronic devices.


The dust stick is ideal for dusting like collecting hair, cobwebs and hard to reach places such as blinds, under furniture, boilers, ceiling fans, recessed lights, clocks, picture frames, wardrobes, lint filter in tumble dryer, stairwells, behind tumble dryers, door frames, etc. – use dry only

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The yellow Care Fibre compliments any other type of fibre. It may be used lightly moist for the cleaning of sensitive surfaces or in a dry state to wipe off surfaces sensitive to wetness. It not only absorbs the remaining water but also any dirt particles contained therein.


For dusting electronics appliances

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The white, blue striped Power fiber may be used everywhere where oil, grease and stains are hard to remove. With the Power fiber all washable surfaces may be cleaned by using water only without any chemical detergents.

Clean glasses, cups, ice coolers, dishes, plates, coffeemakers and many more

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Helps reaching all those hard-to-access places, nooks and crannies like the rim under the toilet bowl, or the edge beneath the toilet seat.
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