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The Mild Fiber has a very large capacity of retaining and absorbing moisture. It is therefore extremely well suited for the cleaning of all porous surfaces such as wood, terracotta and even carpets. Do to its moisture retaining capacities; the Mild fiber is also well suited for the cleaning of large surfaces.


Further areas for the use of Extra:
Acrylic surfaces, Antique furniture, Bathrooms, Camping gear, Carpets, Carvings, Ceramic tile floors, Closets, Dashboards, Decorations, Door frames, Doors, Floors, Heating elements, Interior plants, Leaded windows, Linoleum, Mirrors, Office furniture, Optical devices, Optical glasses, Optical lenses, Plastic, Plastic windows, Prams, Shoes, Shower stalls, Showers, Sinks, Sports equipment, Staircase handrails, Staircases, Stucco, Teracotta, Textiles, Tiles, Toys, Upholstery, Wallpaper washable, Walls, Washbasins, Window glass, Window shutters.


Cleans textiles, rough surfaces, car-seats, wood and terracotta. Best to keep one handy in the car at any time.


Caution: Avoid using Mild on hot surfaces, let it cool down.

Hints : Never iron the microfibres


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SKU: ART-032