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The light blue, long-fibered " Dust" holds fluff and dust particles as well as animal hair through statical charge. It is therefore specifically well suited for asthmatics and those allergic to dust. Used on all smooth surfaces, the fiber may at times replace the vacuum cleaner. It may also be used for the fur care of animals. › Due to its static properties, the "Dust" should not be used on electronic devices.


The dust stick is ideal for dusting like collecting hair, cobwebs and hard to reach places such as blinds, under furniture, boilers, ceiling fans, recessed lights, clocks, picture frames, wardrobes, lint filter in tumble dryer, stairwells, behind tumble dryers, door frames, etc. – use dry only


Further areas for the use of Dust: Animal care, Antique furniture, Beams, Books, Camping vehicles, Carvings, Ceilings, Closets, Cobweb, Cork floor, Decorations, Door frames, Doors, Floors, Furniture, Heating elements, Laminated surfaces, Lamps, Leaded windows, Leather, Leather clothes, Leather covers, Marble, Mirrors, Musical instruments, Office furniture, Parquet, Picture frames, Pictures/Paintings, Prams, PVC, Rattan furniture, Shoes, Silver, Sports equipment, Staircase handrails, Staircases, Suede covers, Tiles, Pewter, Toys, Trophies, Wallpaper, Wickerwork.


Flexible stick for inaccessible places, nooks and crannies inside or underneath furniture, behind paintings, curtain rails, slat blinds etc. Use dry only.


Caution: Avoid using Dust on hot surfaces, let it cool down.

Hints : Never iron the microfibres


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SKU: ART-074