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Removes stains from shirt collars and clothes, and brings dirty Cleanera fibres back to new. Removes fat film from any surface if used with power fibre.


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Only used in combination with the Telescopic Pole for floors, ceilings, tiled walls, Together, with the Telescopic Pole and the right Fibre, clean in a ‘S’ motion towards yourself.


Only clean water is needed (except for Dust mop). enables the Fibres to clean deeply into surface crevices. Commonly used chemical cleaners are not needed and surfaces are left clean.


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With the help of its additional parts Corner and Telescopic Pole, hard to reach areas such as high ceiling windows or winter gardens may be kept clean without effort as well.


Cleans glass surface, fast and effortless.


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The light blue, long-fibered " Dust" holds fluff and dust particles as well as animal hair through statical charge. It is therefore specifically well suited for asthmatics and those allergic to dust. Used on all smooth surfaces, the fiber may at times replace the vacuum cleaner. It may also be used for the fur care of animals. › Due to its static properties, the "Dust" should not be used on electronic devices.


Anywhere dry dusting is required. Smooth floors, wall surfaces and ceilings of any kind, etc. The fibres will trap human and animal hair and small particles and not release them until shaken or washed- use dry only Dust Mop does not require washing after each use. It is sufficient if after use the fibre is given a good shake outdoors, or brushed with a coarse brush. Only when you feel that the fibre looks dirty, wash it in the washing machine.

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The yellow Care Fibre compliments any other type of fibre. It may be used lightly moist for the cleaning of sensitive surfaces or in a dry state to wipe off surfaces sensitive to wetness. It not only absorbs the remaining water but also any dirt particles contained therein.


To clean parquet and marble floors, also to remove excess water and dry tiles

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"Combi” are two combined fiber products. The first one consists of “Power” and “Mild” and the second one of and “Power”.The Combi Fiber products combine in a very handy way the properties of the individual fibers, thus making household tasks a lot easier.

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The Mild Floor Mob is highly absorbent and is used to clean large and rough surfaces, as well as rugs and carpets. Use semi-dry to clean ceilings and walls.

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